Our services are geared to serve your asset maintenance needs for all three main types of solar power generation sectors of fixed industrial scale, sun-synchronous or floating solar farms.

Fixed Industrial Farm
Sun-synchronous Farms
New Service - Floating Farms

We take the guessing out of your solar maintenance. Through our state of the art algorithms, not only do we take human error out of the picture, but also empower line managers to take the right decisions in terms of planned shutdown and inventory stock by not only telling them exactly what is wrong right now and how to fix it, but also letting them know what will go wrong in the short to medium term, effectively stopping unplanned maintenance in the long run, reducing the asset maintenance cost, while increasing it’s lifespan.

In addition, we have services for better carrying out site surveys for new lines, develop environmental impact assessment studies for proposed projects, and ascertain the precise quality of an asset a client is proposing to acquire.

Asset Analytics

You benefit to remotely monitor and maintain your energy asset on a single click of your mouse.

(Mathematical Models and Machine Learning help you)

Forecast solar power generation: Daily, weekly and Monthly basis Learn from the learnings of our global clientele benefiting from our analytical solutions. Incorporate the best industrial practices inter-company internationally.

Our AI platform helps you take educated decisions in a fraction of a second.

Environmental Analytics

Access your farms to monitor the vegetative growth to reduce the impacts such as

  • Impact due to shadows,
  • Dust lamination etc,

otherwise, These are just to mention few but constitutes the major impact on the power generation efficiency. Our predictive model helps you plan three months in advance to plan your routine maintenance.


Our Analytics Products that help achieve this

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