Infrastructure & Construction

Infrastructure & Construction



Our technology can be used for the inspection of critical infrastructure including power lines, rail assets, buildings, bridges, ports and construction sites.





We provide tailored solutions for the requirements of the inspection programme which can include:


  • detection of moss, fungal or plant growth
  • detection and measurement of cracks (timber, brick, glass, aluminium sheet)
  • detection of falling bricks or tiles (delamination)
  • seepage detection
  • anamoly detection
  • time lapse contour changes (subsidence)


We have carried out a pilot project to analyse the results of a UAV based inspection of an NHS Hospital in the UK.




We provide environmental impact studies:


  • habitat analysis
  • lake / water body studies
  • algae and plankton activity
  • impact studies on lentic, lotic, littoral zones
  • plant and animal species analysis
  • saline water analysis
  • hydology (soil water content)
  • computer vision based geometry mapping and landscape studies

We provide standard aerial imaging services that include:


  • high resolution aerial imagery
  • digital sufrace models (DSM)
  • digital terrain models (DTM)
  • point cloud
  • 3D scene reconstruction
  • georeferencing
  • orthomosaics
  • volumetric analysis
  • data storage and archiving


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