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Vision Algorithms for UAVs

We see things the human eye can't


Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), drones and imaging sensors are becoming cheaper and easier to obtain. Many companies are interested in deploying drones in a variety of applications but there are a number of questions that new users should ask themselves:


  • What equipment and sensors are appropriate for my application?


  • Which drone operators have the expertise to deliver my project?


  • How do I store and analyse the huge amounts of data I have obtained?


  • Is there a way I can get answers or recommendations in an automated way?



At Vidrona, our aim is to provide complete long term-solutions to ongoing problems faced by our clients. Data gatherered by drones does not need to be used in isolation. It should be fused with other sensors monitoring the health of your assets to give the best overall situational awareness.


Vidrona technology combines the newest machine learning technologies in Predictive Maintenance and Condition Based Monitoring to develop custom maintenance solutions for our clients.


We partner with experienced, licensed drone operators around the world to deliver new applications for clients and provide end-to-end solutions that integrate into existing workflows.


Some of the locations we have worked in whilst developing our technology can be seen below.



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