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Transmission and Distribution Lines

We take the guessing out of your transmission and distribution maintenance. Through our state of the art algorithms, not only do we take human error out of the picture, but also empower line managers to take the right decisions in terms of planned shutdown and inventory stock by not only telling them exactly what is wrong right now and how to fix it, but also letting them know what will go wrong in the short to medium term, effectively stopping unplanned maintenance in the long run, reducing the asset maintenance cost, while increasing it’s lifespan.

In addition, we have services for better carrying out site surveys for new lines, develop environmental impact assessment studies for proposed projects, and ascertain the precise quality of an asset a client is proposing to acquire.

Wind Power Generation

Wind turbine inspection currently is reactive, expensive, a health and safety hazard, prone to human error. and requires operation to be halted, leading to losses in generation. Our technology not only eliminates the health and safety risk while taking away the human error, but, we do not require wind turbines to be switched off during inspection, right away ensuring greater output than when the client would experience otherwise.

Our state of the art algorithms, like our non-linear mathematical model fitting algorithm predicts the propagation of cracks along the blades, so that the operations manager can, with confidence predict when the turbine is likely to experience a catastrophic failure, and plan a shutdown accordingly, further reducing plant downtime. We report ‘normal losses’, that OEMs do not report, all without installing any external device on the turbine, ensuring there is no loss of warranty.

Solar Power Generation

The biggest challenge that solar farm incharges face is narrowing down the issue faced by their plant to the panel and cell level. The SCADA and PLC systems prevalent these days report issues at an inverter, or, at best, a string level. This means that despite knowing the rough area of the issue, plant managers spend precious time trying to narrow the fault down, during which all the panels connected to the string/ invertor operate below rated capacity.

If client project managers inform us of which string/ inverter has the issue, we can narrow the issue down to the cell within hours, ensuring that the plant is operational at, or above rated capacity for the maximum time possible.

In addition, given access to the client’s systems, we can provide them with bespoke daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports about the performance of their assets, and suggest means to improve this performance.

Internet Of Things

Inductive/capacitive Sensors


Satellite DATA

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