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Industry Focused Areas

We have services for systematic predictive inspection for the

  • New Power – Lines
  • Semi -finished Lines
  • Commissioned Lines

The services have been designed keeping in mind all the aspects starting from planning of the new line , commissioning of the line until the realisation of the lines to the executed lines.  At each stages we provides services. Contact us for more details.

We  provide our customers with bespoke daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports about the performance of their solar farms, and suggest means to improve its performance.

Wind turbine inspection currently is reactive, expensive, a health and safety hazard, prone to human error. and requires operation to be halted, leading to losses in generation. Our technology not only eliminates the health and safety risk while taking away the human error, but, we do not require wind turbines to be switched off during inspection, right away ensuring greater output than when the client would experience otherwise.

Our micro-grid services provide predictive and prescriptive analytics to reduce the electricity cost in remote locations.

Internet Of Things

Inductive/capacitive Sensors


Satellite DATA

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