Data Acquisition Service

Vidrona deploys a variety of data capture devices and methodologies to suit the asset and the project needs. We mainly use Drones and Helicopters to acquire hi-resolution images of the target asset. For broad surveys we integrate Hi-Res Satellite data and use Ground Robot technology. Our field specialists are also deploy sensors and hand-held devices if required. We push the data directly into our cloud based analytics platform via satellite links for near-realtime processing. Computer vision algorithms process the data to automatically extract a variety of faults and generate a prioritised list of maintenance tasks. Our proprietary machine learning algorithms accurately forecast where new faults will appear much before they can be detected by traditional inspection methods. These are reported to you as actionable items. Once repairs have been performed, we re-capture asset data to automatically provide you detailed assessment on the quality of the maintenance repairs. Using our precise predictive analytics services will mean that you will have an accurate understanding of your future needs in replacement parts and maintenance effort, allowing you to optimise your inventory and business processes and saving you money. We have 5 years of experience in the Power Sector and intimately understand the problems faced by Energy firms in fault detection and Assets maintenance. We discuss your needs and configure our solution so that you get the finest predictive analytics service at affordable prices.

In addition, we have services for better carrying out site surveys for new lines, develop environmental impact assessment studies for proposed projects, and ascertain the precise quality of an asset a client is proposing to acquire.

Drone Data


We provide industrial drone data acquisition that is derived upon use of mathematical model and calibrated sensors. We make use of quadcopter, hexacopter and octacopters for rotory based platform, while we also deploy fixed wing drones as per customer project requirements. We assist the company in acquiring required permissions to deploy drones for industrial inspection.

Helicopter Data

Augusta 109

We use variety of helicopters –  Bell 206, 407, R66, Ecureuiel AS 350 B3,Augusta 109, R44. We have DGCA Clearances FIC, ADC, AOR, FDTL . We provide experienced pilots ( 20+ years of flying experience ) and have partnerships with operators globally.

Satellite Data


We integrate SAR and Optical satellite data for asset damage hotspot detection  after  natural calamities. Our QRT service quickly points out areas for rapid inspections and repairs of power assets in earthquake, landslide, forest fires, floods and other events. ( See further details on our Quick Response time service )

Analytics for Ground Team


We provide actionable reports to specialist engineers and foot patrols teams  for inspection and maintenance quality checks.

Hybrid Crawling Systems


We deploy power line crawlers when inspection requires the mandatory use of direct contact based sensor deployment.

All Terrain Robotic Platforms


In low-accessibility terrain without direct line of sight for drone operation, we deploy customised solution for data capture using ground robots. These are also useful for structural analysis of the base assembly of the power-line  assets. 

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